HMNS low voltage draw-out power distribution switchgearExtraction type low volta
HMNS low-voltage draw-out switchgear is a new generation of low-voltage switchgear developed by huanghua group co., LTD according to the market demand.Product technical standards meet IEC439 "low-voltage complete switch equipment and control equipment", GB7251 "low-voltage complete switch equipment" and other standard requirements.

HMNS low-voltage extractor switchgear is suitable for power conversion, distribution and control of power distribution equipment in power system with rated working voltage of 660V and below, which is used in power plants, substations, petrochemical, metallurgical, steel rolling, light industrial and textile enterprises, residential areas, high-rise buildings and other places.



  HMNS 型低壓抽出式開關柜是黃華集團有限公司根據市場需求而開發的新一代低壓開關柜。 產品技術標準符合IEC439《低壓成套開關設備和控制設備》、 GB7251《低壓成套開關設備》等標準要求。

      HMNS型低壓抽出式開關柜是適用于發電廠、 變電站、 石油化工、 冶金軋鋼、輕工紡織等廠礦企業和住宅小區、高層建筑等場所, 作為交流 50-60Hz,額定工作電壓交流660V及以下的電力系統的配電設備的電能轉換、 分配及控制之用。
Ambient air temperature is not higher than +40℃, not lower than 5℃, and its average temperature within 24h is not higher than +35℃;


Atmospheric conditions: clean air, phase zhou humidity in the highest temperature for +40℃ not more than 50%, in the lower temperature allowed to have a higher relative humidity, such as +20℃ for 90%, but should consider the temperature change, may occasionally produce condensation;


Altitude less than 2000m;


The device is suitable for transportation and storage at the following temperature: 25℃ to +55℃ range.It can reach +70℃ for a short time (no more than 24h). The device shall not suffer any unrecoverable damage at these limiting temperatures and shall work normally under the above conditions.


Delta if the above use conditions cannot be met, should be negotiated by the user and the manufacturer to resolve;


Additional technical agreements are required for use on offshore oil drilling platforms and nuclear power plants.




△周圍空氣溫度不高于+40℃,不低于 5℃,并且24h內其平均溫度不高于+35℃;

△大氣條件:空氣清潔,相紂濕度在最高溫度為+40℃時不超過50%,在 較低溫度時允許有較高的相對濕度,例如+20℃時為90%,但應 考慮到溫度變化,有可能會偶然地產生凝露;


△本裝置適應于以下溫度的運輸和儲存過程: 25℃至+55℃的范圍之間。短時間內(不超過24h)可達+70℃,在這些極限溫度下裝置不應遭到任何不可恢復的損傷,而且在以上條件下應能正常工作;


△當本裝置使用于 海上石油鉆采平臺和核電站時,應另行簽訂技術協議。


(1) Electrical performance 660V
Rated insulation voltage 380V,660V
Rated working voltage 5000A
Maximum operating current of main bus 100KA
Main bus rated to withstand current 220KA
Main bus rated peak withstand current 1000A
Maximum working current of distribution bus (vertical bus) 80KA
Distribution bus (vertical bus) peak current: 105KA(Max.)
Standard type 176ka(Max.)
Enhanced type  
(2)Protection grade  
Meet IEC529, DIN40050 standard  
IP30 protects solids greater than <1>2.5mm  
IP40 protects solids greater than <1>1.0mm  
IP54 protects against dust and random spray  
(the protection level of IP54 should be negotiated with the manufacturer)