DBX Power Distribution Box Indoor Electrical Distribution box/board MANUFACTURER
The main structure is composed of box, insulated wire, miniature circuit breaker, electric energy meter, nameplate and other components, the box is made of glass reinforced plastics die-casting processing, the box is equipped with the knocking hole of the cable in and out, in L diameter size standard, also can be specially opened according to the special requirements of users.

The handle of the switch is equipped with the outer door structure. The user can open the outer door to separate and close the switch, which can effectively prevent electric shock accident.




 主要結構由箱體、 絕緣導線、 小型斷路器、 電能表、 銘牌等構件組成,箱體采用玻璃鋼壓鑄加工而成,箱體上下設有電纜進出的敲落孔,于L徑大小標準,也可根據用戶的特殊要求特殊開設。


Rated working voltage: AC380V I AC220V

Rated insulation voltage: ACSOOV

Delta main bus rated current and rated short circuit tolerance strength E 4kA A main switch breaking capacity z 10kA

Main switch rated current, ultimate short circuit breaking capacity and operation

Short circuit breaking capacity z 20kA

Electrical shock protection class: class I ·, class E port, class E port


△額定工作電壓: AC380V I AC220V

△額定絕緣電壓: ACSOOV
△主母線的額定電流和額定短路耐受強度E 4kA A主開關的分斷能力z 10kA
   短路分斷能力z 20kA
△觸電保護類別: I類·、 E類口、 E類口 高清亚洲美女一区