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PZ30 modular terminal combination electrical distribution box is a device to install terminal electrical bed, its main features are the use of electrical components modular size, installation track, artistic appearance, safe use.      

PZ30模數化終端組合電器配電箱是一種安裝終端電榻的裝置,它的主要特點是采用的電器元件尺寸模數化, 安裝軌道化,外形藝術化,使用安全化。

PZ30 model distribution box main structural components

Transparent cover, top cover, box cover, installation rail, conductive bar, wiring block, electrical components, etc.All the electrical components with width of 18 modules are installed on the track.It can be combined according to the need, disassemble and assemble quickly and conveniently, the handle of electrical components is leaking, live and other parts are covered in the inside of the upper cover, open the door for easy operation, safe and reliable use, the upper and lower parts of the cabinet, the left and right sides, and the back are all set into the outlet hole, convenient for wiring.Box body is metal structure, can be installed, and can be installed in dark way.



Main technical parameters

Rated working voltage: AC: 220V/380V (50Hz)

Rated insulation voltage: AC: 380V

Rated current and short-tolerance current: 100A, 4KA

Breaking ability of main switch: 4KA

Electroshock protection class: | · class H port, Ill port