GZDW switching DC power cabinet Neutral Earthing Resistor In Power Distribution
GZDW series dc power supply cabinet (microcomputer control) is applied to small and medium-sized power plants and transformer substations, as the normal operation and accident situation of high voltage switch switch, relay protection, automatic control, emergency lighting, lighting and audio signal, such as the dc power supply can also be applied to metallurgy, railway, mining, petrochemical, post and telecommunications, communications, medical, bank, hotel, high-rise buildings and the dc power supply to computer networks, and other industries;Microcomputer controlled dc power supply cabinet can be used for unattended, remote centralized monitoring of power plants, substations and other industries of dc power.

This product conforms to JB hall 5777.4-2000 "general technical conditions and safety requirements for dc power supply equipment for power system".



  GZDW系列直流電源柜(微機控制)應用于大中小型發電廠和變電站, 作為正常運行和事故狀態下的高壓開關分合閘、 繼電保護、 自動控制、 事故照明、燈光和音響信號等所需的直流電源也可應用于冶金、 鐵道、礦山、 石化、郵電、 通訊、 醫療衛生、 銀行、 賓館、 高層建筑和計算機網絡等行業所需的直流電源;微機控制直流電源柜可用于無人值守、 遠程集中監控的發電廠、 變電站和其他行業的直流電源。

Altitude: 2000m and below (over 2000m, can be negotiated with our company);

Ambient temperature: -5℃-+ 40℃,

Delta relative humidity: daily average value is less than 85%,(+25℃),

Note: special conditions can be negotiated with our company.



△環境溫度:-5℃-+ 40℃,
This series of products have ten models and hundreds of specifications, can fully meet the needs of power plants, substations and various industries for dc power;

Delta reliable operation E ac dual input automatic switching.The product is equipped with two charging floating charging devices, which are used as backup for each other.

This product has good anti-interference performance, stable flow, high voltage stability accuracy, small ripple coefficient;

Long battery life E the product can be in strict accordance with the battery charging curve for battery charging, floating charging, to avoid overcharge or undercharge phenomenon.Microcomputer control with battery patrol function;A multiple protection E this product can track and detect each working point, combining software and hardware protection.Insulation detection device monitors the insulation condition of bus at any time:

Movement communication: microcomputer control dc power cabinet can communicate with the host microcomputer, can achieve centralized monitoring and no one on duty.



△運行可靠E交流雙路輸入自動切換。該產品設有二臺充電浮充電裝置互為備用, 系統切換方便;
△電池使用壽命長E該產品能嚴格按照蓄電池充電曲線對蓄電池進行充電、浮充電, 避免過充或欠充現象。 微機控制型具有電池巡檢功能; A多重保護E該產品能對各工作點跟蹤檢測,軟件與硬件保護相結合。絕緣檢測裝置隨時監察母線絕緣狀況:

Input power voltage: three-phase ac 380V±10%,50Hz±5%; 

Output dc voltage rating: 48V;11 OV.220 v; 

Output dc current rating: 5A,8A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 30A, 40A, 50A; 

Accumulator rated capacity: 10Ah,20Ah, 38Ah, 40Ah, 50Ah, 60Ah, 65Ah, 100Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah, 250Ah, 300Ah.

Note: special conditions can be negotiated with our company.



△輸出直流電壓額定值:48V;11 OV; 220V;
△輸出直流電流額定值:5A,8A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 30A, 40A, 50A;
△蓄電池額定容量:10Ah,20Ah, 38Ah, 40Ah, 50Ah, 60Ah, 65Ah, 100Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah, 250Ah, 300Ah。
注:特殊條件可與本公司協商解決。 高清亚洲美女一区